1. Morning pineappling. #pineapple #watercolour @anitaweee

    Morning pineappling. #pineapple #watercolour @anitaweee

  2. Back in Paris for a couple of day, spend the morning with Roy Lichtenstein, Marcel Duchamp, Henri Matisse and many more of the greats in some many rooms full of amazing contemporary art at the Centre Pompidou, then I got chased by a homeless man yelling at me in French.

  3. Thank you St ChinianTill next time

  4. the days were full of going to the markets, eating a incredible french produce, sipping on french wine, and generally being ladies, and lads of leisure around the pool in the warm french sunshine.  

  5. After Paris and Brighton, came St Chinian in the south of France. This house was absolutely fabulous. It was a old textile mill now owned by Caroline Conran (food writer, journalist, ex wife of Terrance Conran) 

    Surrounded by vineyards, and with a stream and waterfall behind it, this house was amazingly decorated (something out of design magazine) and an absolute pleasure and privilege to stay in for a week.

    (some these photo courtesy of my brother http://thomas42waldo.tumblr.com/)

  6. Les Puces de Saint-Ouen, Paris. Largest Antiques and flea market in the world. This place is just insane. So much amazingness. Should have taken more photos but was too busy being overwhelmed with excitement!

  7. Spent a few day in the lovely seaside town of Brighton. Days were full of eating some amazing food, getting a little sunburnt, and meeting lovely people (including a giant prawn).

  8. After a week in Paris, went to London to meet Charan , It was hot we just drank Pimms all afternoon, and I saw nothing but Soho. Sorry London. 

  9. Père Lachaise Cemetery. This cemetery is vast and amazing. There are some beautiful old grave stones, with lovely detailing, tombs the size of telephone boxes and elaborate mini chapels with amazing stain glass windows. Some of its famous residents include, Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde, Bugatti, and most visited The Doors frontman, Jim Morrison, who died in Paris in 1971.

  10. I spent most of this month in France, ( and a little bit of time in Brighton, UK) Here are a few Paris shots. 

  11. watercolour confetti birthday fun pack!
    Invites, place cards and thank you cards.

  12. Popcorn flower pattern.

    Popcorn flower pattern.

  13. Thank you cards for mama @fionaruth1

    Thank you cards for mama @fionaruth1

  14. Gurl you fierce! @louisdean 

    Gurl you fierce! @louisdean 

  15. big afternoon of card making!

    big afternoon of card making!